Buying anything from online stores has always been tricky, with many considerations at different stages. You can only imagine how much more complicated purchasing cannabis cookies are! 

But not to worry; this is just a general assumption.

Buying cookies online is a double-edged sword, having its perks and cons. These are highlighted below:

The Benefits

Naturally, we will begin with the advantages.

Online stores have a variety.

When the cookies from your traditional physical store no longer ‘excite’ you, you can always seek other stores online and compare their products to those you are used to consuming. This is to find which confectionery has managed to get the perfect blend between the sugary tang of goodness and the euphoric feeling elicited by THC.

There is room for discretion.

Online stores are the perfect solution for those who like to keep their THC cookie consumption low-key. It is so easy to be spotted going to get yourself some edibles (by cameras or people, whichever sends shivers down your spine) with physical stores. Buying cookies online can be done at your discretion; you can even do it from under your bed!

Convenience and cost-effectiveness

By buying THC cookies from online stores, you wait for the high to come to you. It is very convenient, saving on time and cost (of fuel), and this is incredibly convenient when the online store offers doorstep delivery.

Now, let us look at the risks.

The Risks

Subject to fraud.

With the rate at which the online selling of THC cookies, it is inevitable that some fraudulent people are willing to invest in fake websites posing as online stores to defraud innocent cannabis users. It has happened before and will undoubtedly happen again, so it is up to the buyers to ensure that when they buy cookies online, they do it from a legitimate distributor.

There’s a chance you might be buying illegally.

Buying cannabis cookies legally through physical shops will save you from a ton of problems, most of them legal.

There are cartels on the Internet actively selling weed tax-free, and the government is just itching to get its hands on them. Being an ignorant buyer will see you getting caught in the crossfire between these two warring parties, with chances being you will serve some good time for encouraging the illegal propagation of cannabis.

The Internet remembers!

Searching for things on the Internet is like walking in mud in the dark; you might not see, but you can be sure a footprint is left behind. Buying cookies online is no different. Digital impressions are dangerous as they always lead back to you and can be used negatively against you. For example, you are applying for a job in an organization that does not support the use of cannabis. This organization may dig up some dirt on you (cough, cough, digital footprints) and pull up your THC cookie purchase records, and you can kiss the job goodbye.


Buying THC cookies online can be a smooth, convenient, and, I dare say, euphoric experience if the proper steps and procedures are taken. The disadvantages above can be avoided by following the proper channels to get your cookies and, if possible, ensuring you leave no evidence of THC cookie purchase in the process if it poses a problem.

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